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The Civil Wars' Success Formula: Live Shows + Social Media + Music Placements



"With every opportunity we look at all the angles and think, what can they do for us that we can't do for ourselves -- and there are things that they can do that we can't. By and large, we weigh how much we'd give up our creative control and our general control over what we do..." 

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Creative Music Marketing from Wiz Khalifa...& Thaddeus Clark

"The point is to spread the word about what you're doing in a way that both inspires and expands your fanbase.  If you do a solid job, people will respond, especially if you use your marketing concept or campaign to reach out beyond your usual realm.  For example, to industry bloggers or even non-music marketing sites.

Thaddeus Clark Creates Online Liner Notes

Grids of graphic images have become a popular design approach for a variety of websites. Thaddeus Clark is promoting his free Dubtape with such a page featuring an image for each song that pops up with liner notes and a stream from SoundCloud."

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Thaddeus Clark's Dubtape Liner Site

Odd Future's Manager Christian Clancy: Pt. 2 Interview, Discussion at Hypebot

Allindstrom.com Presents: Organizing Chaos with Christian Clancy Part 2

Part 2 of Al Lindstrom's interview with Odd Future Manager Christian Clancy is now available. For Part 1, see Odd Future's Manager Christian Clancy

I posted about this two part interview on the music industry blog Hypebot. Check out my commentary and the comments at Odd Future Manager Christian Clancy On Chaos, Authenticity and Building The Pull.

Available on Amazon: Odd Future

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I'm starting to do some blogging at Hypebot. I'm hoping that will be a regular thing cause I like being over there.

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