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No Film School interview with filmaker Raafi Rivero

"One simple lighting rule that I adhere to whenever possible is what’s called the far-side key. You want the “key” or brightest light on your subject to be hitting them on the side of their face further from the camera. The side of the face closest to the camera should be darker by 1-2 stops. Even with available light look to recreate the far-side key, even when stealing shots."


Thaddeus Clark and the farside key

Full Interview 

Raafi Rivero/The Color Machine

"H I - 8" by Thaddeus Clark directed by Raafi Rivero 

Rock The Dub Interview With Dallas Penn (Internets!)


"I could call the old Daily News beat reporter Jimmy Breslinone of my earliest influences because he was a total man of the people all about town. Breslin wrote like he was familiar with all the precincts of the city and the denizens of those areas. He was not above anyone either as he related perfectly to the underclass and the voiceless, the drunkards and the drug abusers. I feel like that is where my writing style comes from."
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