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Article: 7 Ways to Build Energy in a Song’s Chorus


"If you were to trace a line that represents the energy you perceive from a song as it progresses, you’d notice that the line would generally go in a mostly-upward direction. That’s a basic songwriting principle: the energy of the end of a song should equal or exceed that of the beginning. It’s that sense of intensifying energy and forward motion that keeps listeners listening. In particular, the chorus needs to take whatever the energy level is in the verse and pump it up a bit.

When you think about “energy”, you might tend to think about things getting faster, but that rarely happens in music. Especially in pop music genres, tempos are set at the beginning, and they stay pretty much constant.

So what are the things you can do in your song to ensure that the energy your listeners get from your chorus is more than what they get from the verse? Here are 7 ideas."

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2 Chainz & DJ Drama: From Mixtapes to Millions (Article)


“I know all sides of both industries,” DJ Drama says. “The mixtape hustle taught me a lot and put me in the position to do a major label album. I learned how to make sure clearances were straight and all paperwork was signed. A lot of what I do is a self-contained movement, so I’m not a typical artist on a major. I’m able to maneuver in a different way, so it makes sense to me.”

2 Chainz and DJ Drama have both built brands from the ground up and they realize how important they both are to the culture."

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Mike Relm Video Mashup: Scott Pilgrim's Threshold 8 Bit vs. Ludacris' How Low

Scott Pilgrim's Threshold 8 Bit vs. Ludacris' How Low

Weird combo. Funny comments by Mike Relm at the end.

Download audio.

Ludacris - How Low

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El-P Videos: Lab Rat Bravely Escapes, Time Won't Tell, Deep Space 9mm, Flyentology, Smithereens

El-P: Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Directly Outside Of Gates

"fan made video by director/editor F/22, Founder & Project Manager of The Farmers Block. F/22 says 'The concept for the video is to show how science is always in cahoots with nature, and to orchestrate the visuals parallel to the music.'"

El-P: Time Won't Tell

"The video for 'Time Won't Tell' is inspired by a childhood memory of director Shan Nicholson, who grew up in the 'Old New York' during a time when necessity often bred creativity. This video depicts a young boy innocently finding a way to embrace his imagination amid an urban wasteland."

El-P: Deep Space 9mm

"Album: Fantastic Damage (2002)
Label: Definitive Jux
"Water" by Silver Apples
"Holy Ghost" by The Bar-Kays"

El-P: Flyentology ft. Trent Reznor

"'Flyentology' featuring Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. From the album I'll Sleep When You're Dead."

El-P: Smithereens

"Director: Cassidy Gearhart"

Note: Quoted text from individual video pages. Click through for sources.

For more: Definitive Jux Records

Available on Amazon: El-P

Mike Relm: Smooth Criminal Megamix, Video Remix of Stjepan Hauser & Luka Sulic + Michael Jackson Videos

Mike Relm: Smooth Criminal Megamix

This is way too cool. Download the mp3 at!

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic - Smooth Criminal

Plus, it's my introduction to Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic who are totally awesome!

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Radio Edit)

Michael Jackson...Michael Jackson...Where do I know that name?

Available on Amazon: Mike Relm ~ Michael Jackson ~ Stjepan Hauser