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Article: Black Hippy: A View from the Center


"It’s Top Dawg who penned the five-point plan that hangs on the studio wall. Modeled loosely around 50 Cent’s rise to success, the poster board details the core traits necessary to become a rap star: Charisma, Substance, Lyrics, Uniqueness and Work Ethic. Rock distills this model to an even simpler motto: “Just make good music.”

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Creative Music Marketing from Wiz Khalifa...& Thaddeus Clark

"The point is to spread the word about what you're doing in a way that both inspires and expands your fanbase.  If you do a solid job, people will respond, especially if you use your marketing concept or campaign to reach out beyond your usual realm.  For example, to industry bloggers or even non-music marketing sites.

Thaddeus Clark Creates Online Liner Notes

Grids of graphic images have become a popular design approach for a variety of websites. Thaddeus Clark is promoting his free Dubtape with such a page featuring an image for each song that pops up with liner notes and a stream from SoundCloud."

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Thaddeus Clark's Dubtape Liner Site

2 Chainz & DJ Drama: From Mixtapes to Millions (Article)


“I know all sides of both industries,” DJ Drama says. “The mixtape hustle taught me a lot and put me in the position to do a major label album. I learned how to make sure clearances were straight and all paperwork was signed. A lot of what I do is a self-contained movement, so I’m not a typical artist on a major. I’m able to maneuver in a different way, so it makes sense to me.”

2 Chainz and DJ Drama have both built brands from the ground up and they realize how important they both are to the culture."

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Music Marketing News on Fridays at Hypebot

Every Friday I do a roundup of music marketing news at Hypebot. Here are my posts to date:

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I'm also keeping an index of all my posts at Hypebot though they tend to be updated irregularly. Another way to keep up with my music industry posts is by subscribing to my Flux Research twitter feed since the majority of those tweets are Hypebot updates.

Odd Future's Manager Christian Clancy: Pt. 2 Interview, Discussion at Hypebot Presents: Organizing Chaos with Christian Clancy Part 2

Part 2 of Al Lindstrom's interview with Odd Future Manager Christian Clancy is now available. For Part 1, see Odd Future's Manager Christian Clancy

I posted about this two part interview on the music industry blog Hypebot. Check out my commentary and the comments at Odd Future Manager Christian Clancy On Chaos, Authenticity and Building The Pull.

Available on Amazon: Odd Future

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Hip Hop Business: Snoop Dogg x Colt 45 Blast, Mello Music Group, Wu-Tang Clan vs. Silicon Valley

snoop dogg and colt 45 blast

Snoop Dogg Loves Blast Dollars!

Snoop Dogg brings his Ghetto Hollywood endorsement to Colt 45's new alcoholic beverage for multicultural teens, Blast!

Dylan Collins compares Silicon Valley figures to Wu-Tang Clan members for Business Insider except without the cool pics that you'd see on any decent hip hop blog.

Mello Music Group gets a nice start-up profile on Linked 2 Leadership [via Justin Boland].

Clyde Smith: Blogging at Hypebot Music Industry Blog

I'm starting to do some blogging at Hypebot. I'm hoping that will be a regular thing cause I like being over there.

Current Posts:

How To Increase Engagement In Facebook Wall Posts,
A Statistical Review

Spreaker: Artist Marketing Tool Or Waste Of Time?

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Late Summer Reading on Music, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
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Tru Fam: All We Need Video, Vans Warped Tour Commercial

Tru Fam - All We Need ft. Dinner and a Suit

I'm just now getting up to speed on Tru Fam, a group out of New Jersey/New York who seem to be on a heavy grind at the moment. They'll be on the Vans Warped Tour 2011 this summer and they're currently working on an ep titled, Bowties & Applause.

Tru Fam - Vans Warped Tour Commercial

The above videos were directed by Eric St.Furcy.

Live: Tru Fam at the School of Rock

Tru Fam: MySpace ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

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