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The Civil Wars' Success Formula: Live Shows + Social Media + Music Placements



"With every opportunity we look at all the angles and think, what can they do for us that we can't do for ourselves -- and there are things that they can do that we can't. By and large, we weigh how much we'd give up our creative control and our general control over what we do..." 

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Glassnote Records' Daniel Glass on 'Fantastic' Spotify, Monetizing the Stream



From a label perspective, what's your take is on Spotify so far?

I enjoy, appreciate and embrace anything that gets people to discover music. So I would say in the last 12 months, from the United States perspective, Spotify has been one of the most exciting places to discover music.

The traffic and the amount of action on Spotify is just fantastic. That's clear. The amount of people sharing music through their Facebook application on Spotify is great. The people who run Spotify -- Steve Savoca, Daniel Ek and Sean Parker -- were very sensitive to the North Americans, because they flushed out so many issues in Europe and the U.K. before it got to America. So, it's been really good what Spotify has done.

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Article: 7 Ways to Build Energy in a Song’s Chorus


"If you were to trace a line that represents the energy you perceive from a song as it progresses, you’d notice that the line would generally go in a mostly-upward direction. That’s a basic songwriting principle: the energy of the end of a song should equal or exceed that of the beginning. It’s that sense of intensifying energy and forward motion that keeps listeners listening. In particular, the chorus needs to take whatever the energy level is in the verse and pump it up a bit.

When you think about “energy”, you might tend to think about things getting faster, but that rarely happens in music. Especially in pop music genres, tempos are set at the beginning, and they stay pretty much constant.

So what are the things you can do in your song to ensure that the energy your listeners get from your chorus is more than what they get from the verse? Here are 7 ideas."

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