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netweed Launches Hip Hop Album Info

I've decided to move individual album info, with album art, videos and tracklistings, over to netweed:

Hip Hop Album Info

Here are the current albums available with more to come:

Atmosphere - The Family Sign

E-40 - Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift

E-40 - Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift

Jim Jones - Capo

Layzie Bone - The Definition

Layzie Bone - The Meaning

LBC Crew - Haven't You Heard

Lupe Fiasco - Lasers

Malcolm & Martin - Life Doesn't Frighten Me

Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)

Raekwon - Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang

REKS - Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told

Snoop Dogg - Doggumentary

Strong Arm Steady - Arms & Hammers

Travis Barker - Give the Drummer Some

Wiz Khalifa - Rolling Papers

Zion I & Grouch - Heroes in the Healing of the Nation

Online Business Models: Tyra Banks, Daily Deals, RewardVille, OWNI, StumbleUpon, Micropreneurs, Sex Education, Business Plans, Adisa Banjoko, Fred Wilson

I'm starting to dig in at Flux Research: Online Business Models. Here are the recent posts: Tyra Banks Helps Demand Media Trump Content Farm Accusations

Daily Deals-a-Day: Endless Growth Ahead!

Zynga's RewardVille Already Gamed Before Big Launch

22Mars & OWNI: High Quality Free Media Content Markets Paid Services

StumbleUpon Launches Paid Discovery: A Discovery Marketing Ad Platform

The Micropreneur Manifesto & MicroConf 2011

Upcoming: Entrepreneurship & Sex Education

David E. Gumpert: Burn Your Business Plan!

Adisa Banjoko: Exploring Online Business Models

Business Planning: Marketing Tips from Fred Wilson, A VC

Iron Hook Submission Series 3 & 4: The Sarcophagus & The Thug Nation

Iron Hook Submission Series 3 & 4

Adisa Banjoko continues innovating and educating with the Iron Hook Submission Series 3 & 4, the Sarcophagus and the Thug Nation! This educational video follows the Iron Hook to King Tut Submission Series featuring the first two moves he developed.

He says he's developed at least one variation on some of this stuff that's just too dangerous to teach. I guess that's what you save for the big tournament surprise!

Over at netweed: Hip Hop Albums ~ Movies ~ Videos

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