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Hip Hop @ netweed Update in Progress

nc hip hop online

NC Hip Hop Online - Where it all began!

In addition to returning to hip hop blogging here at Hip Hop Logic, where I'm going to be focusing all my hip hop blogging activities for awhile, I'm again working on the hip hop resources at netweed.  Here's what I'm planning:

Hip Hop @ netweed - Home page for all hip hop activities at netweed.  I'm going to have discontinued the Hip Hop Blogs and Hip Hop News sections because I haven't updated them in a long time and I no longer want to make a call about which sites are the best.  Also, the news feeds are pretty unreliable.  Not the sources but the services for posting.  However, I will probably start a blog/site roll here at Hip Hop Logic for mutual love purposes (so to speak!).

Hip Hop Albums - I've recently begun updating this section again.  It won't be as thorough as in the past but that's also partly because my sources are starting to degrade as people release fewer albums and focus more on new outlets for publicizing albums.  So I'll be focusing more on the bigger, obvious releases plus whatever comes my way that's of interest.  However, being on Amazon will remain a key factor in making the list.

Hip Hop Movies - So deeply neglected. To put it in perspective, I haven't touched this section since before 50 Cent started making movies!  It's awful.  But I'm looking forward to digging back in, adding bunches of new titles and also things like trailers and so forth.  It should be pretty cool once I put in some work.

Hip Hop Books - I'm still deciding what I'm going to do about this section.  I think there's a lot of potential.  I just need to get to work on it.  Unlike the other sections, I may move to giving each book its own page and see how that goes.  Maybe that will affect what I'm doing with Hip Hop Movies as well.

Hip Hop Videos - I'm probably going to just run the video player I have up now, which features videos favorited on my YouTube video account, and keep posting videos here at Hip Hop Logic.  I am moving away from being "first" at Hip Hop Logic and towards posting groups of videos when albums come out or when I'm introducing an artist or looking at a trend.  So that will probably remain the smallest section over there.

NC Hip Hop Online - The most extremely neglected project that I still have online cause that's where I started!  Basically, my introduction to web publishing began with writing about hip hop in Greensboro, NC.  The second piece I did, Cypher on Planet Iznak, didn't work for the publication I had written it for and, after pitching it to multiple publications, I decided to put it online.  Then I added a brief list of regional sites and began building from them before eventually folding it into netweed.

That will probably be the last section I revive but I think it will be pretty cool once I redesign it and update the contents.  To put that one in perspective, I stopped updating NC Hip Hop Online before MySpace launched!  Memories...

Hip Hop Logic - The second version of Hip Hop Logic is archived at netweed.  It actually began in 2002 in Austin, TX on Blogger but I've lost that year of material.  However, I really became known in hip hop blogging circles with this blog and I want to keep that material available.

Hip Hop Press - The original version of Hip Hop Press is archived at netweed.  It still gets a little traffic but I'm thinking I'll eventually pull that material unless I decide it has some minor historical value.  It's kind of gross looking and feels outdated so it will probably get pulled.

I think that covers my plans for Hip Hop @ netweed.  Now that I've sold ProHipHop and Hip Hop Press, it's nice to be tightening things up.  I actually have a number of other hip hop blogs and resource sites online, some of which I may do something with but, for now, these are my hip hop web publishing plans.


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