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INFLUENCERS and Hip Hop Blogs

INFLUENCERS [full version] from R+I creative

I've checked out over a hundred hip hop blogs while updating my newsreader and I'll be well over two hundred before I'm done. Lots of dead blogs. I'm surprised at how many people worked on stuff for years then removed their content from the web when they quit. If you don't care about the work you did, why should anyone else?

In any case, I saw two items on a wide range of blogs while checking things out. Some throwaway ish from Kanye posted by the usual suspects (cause that's the game but I ain't playing no more) and the above video that all sorts of different people posted. I'm just starting to watch it but I'll make the leap and assume it's worth posting.

Note: Jumped back into some old attack habits.  Need to get out of that so I pulled some stuff involving somebody who ultimately does not matter in my world.  Hey, if you've got a great hip hop blog or content of interest or whatnot, please send a link to me, Clyde Smith, at:


hmmm. cant get video to play

See if the video works on the vimeo site:

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