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Clyde Smith: Current Hip Hop Projects [Post ProHipHop and Hip Hop Press]

Glitch Clyde

As some of you may know, I recently sold and exited ProHipHop and Hip Hop Press.  As a few of you might remember, I actually began blogging at Hip Hop Logic way back in 2002 when it was hosted at netweed.  Though I did blog at for a bit a couple of years back, I shifted my primary focus to ProHipHop when it launched in 2004.

I'm going to be mostly low key in the world of hip hop media [though, given my history, who knows?] but I will be blogging and creating information resources at the following sites:

Hip Hop Logic - where you can find my weekly New Rap Albums report.

VidRap: Rap Videos - posting hip hop music videos.

Hip Hop @ netweed - where you can find such resources as the Hip Hop Albums database.

Hip Hop Research - focused on academic research regarding hip hop.

As I say, these efforts will remain relatively low key but you can send relevant news and video links to:



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