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Muslim Hip Hop Group Native Deen Joins My Faith My Voice Awareness Campaign

Native Deen - My Faith My Voice

Native Deen are on board with the My Faith My Voice campaign to raise positive awareness of American Muslims and their role in our diverse society.

In a press release issued today, Native Deen member Abdul Malik Ahmad states:

"As American Muslims, we feel like our voices have been drowned out by the extremists on both sides...We have always called to the middle path, but moderate voices like ours don't make headline news. As musicians, we know the power of music and hope to reach out to our fellow Americans through this song."

Official My Faith My Voice PSA

A PSA campaign is under way kicked off with an official PSA above and now including multiple individuals who are uploading their homemade PSAs. If you're a Muslim in America and wish to add your voice, please do!

Native Deen - Not Afraid to Stand Alone album cover art

Native Deen - Not Afraid to Stand Alone

Native Deen's Not Afraid to Stand Alone was released in 2007.

Official Site: Native Deen

MySpace: Native Deen

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Available on Amazon: Not Afraid to Stand Alone